Team Challenge

Team Challenge is made up of a mixed Year 2 and 3 cohort.

We are really lucky in our class to have the support of Rachel Moss, who support individual children with differing learning and emotional needs as well as contribute to the organisation of the school day.

Matt Sullivan, a specialist PE teacher, Karen O-Toole, an experienced TA who teaches French and Tiggy Kazza a music specalist come in every Thursday to teach their specialism subjects.

Then on a Friday, Karen O-Toole teaches PHSE, and Mel Triggs and Becky teach Art.

The remaining learning time in class consists of a marrying together of subjects around a common theme, which the children direct.  This ‘Topic-based learning’ enables the children to make connections between the subjects, whilst developing a range of skills that can be applied to different situations.


At the beginning of term, we talked about what we felt a successful learner looked like.  By doing this, the Class established that each person had similarities and differences with their classmates.  By doing this, we also recognised some fundamental expectations of what learning should look like.  Below are the main points that the class put together and are now used regularly throughout the day.


Mistakes are Okay

It is imperative to be okay with making mistakes and find the lesson that can be learnt from that mistake.


Difference is normal

It is important to remember that everyone has something that they struggle with.  We are all different; therefore, our struggles will be different.  Practise makes perfect - we can always overcome our struggles.


Individual strengths

Everyone has different strengths that should be celebrated and shared with others. 



It feels good, for everyone concerned, to recognise when our class mate does something well or overcomes a hurdle.