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Team Active and Independent

Welcome to Class 4. Team Active and Independent.


Teacher: Mrs Harris

Teaching Assistant: Karen O' Toole


Class 4 is a Year 4 class at Blackawton Primary School. We work closely with Team Leadership, who are a mixed Year 5 and 6 class.

We foster focus and independence in Class 4. This includes children taking charge of their own learning, recognising when to support themselves through our three B’s (buddy, book, board). Our classroom learning behaviours are at the heart of what we do and how we work with others, ensuring a positive working environment for all. As a school, we pride ourselves on knowing each child as an individual, socially, emotionally and academically. This ensures the learning is tailored to each child’s needs and pitched at a level that is both stimulating and challenging.

Pupil voice is an important part of how we collaborate within our school. Class 4’s peer mediators, anti-bullying ambassadors, digital leaders and rights respecting school leads enhance their school experience. Team cohesion is evident within our classroom, where everyone celebrates each other successes and want to support each other. This boosts children’s self-confidence and perseverance. Ultimately, preparing them both academically and socially to transition to Class 5 positively.


Throughout the week, we offer an enriching curriculum including Forest School and weekly sessions of music, art and PE including an optional extra curricula session.

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