Team Active and Independent

Team Active and Independent is made up of Year 4 and year 5 students. We have a rich and tightly packed curriculum: including half a day Forrest school and half a day STEM on a Monday; topic based literacy and maths on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; PE, French or Dance on a Thursday afternoon and PSHE, IT and Music on a Friday.

Children are actively encouraged and supported in choosing their own learning from ‘learning menus’ which allow children to set their own pace, never puts a limit on what a child is capable of and encourages confident, capable and happy learners. 

We are team ‘active and independent’ and children are encouraged to live this in their daily lessons. The classroom is set up for children to be as independent as possible and child led planning guides the focus and presentation of the learning. Sometimes Class 4 work with their neighbouring Class 5, with our interlinking classrooms.