Team Leadership

Team Leadership is comprised of both Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. As well as the obvious preparation that takes place so that Year 6 pupils are ready for their end of key stage assessments and their transfers to secondary schools, we aim to plan learning experiences which are motivational and encourage independent, active learning at every opportunity. Alongside the development of learning skills and building on previous knowledge across the curriculum, we are keen to ensure pupils have the opportunities they deserve in order to build upon their key life skills such as resilience and perseverance, applying them in a range of contexts.

Children in Team Leadership lead their own learning and understand their own learning journeys so that they are able to edit and enhance their work in order to reach the goals they set for themselves. Reaching outside the comfort zone and feeling challenged is the way we choose to learn and succeed by.


Our focus upon developing the curriculum in order to ensure time is given to foundation subjects and the links between them, leads to further enjoyment and fulfilment for staff and pupils. Our children have a say in what they learn about, which makes their opinions count and their ideas valued. We will be continuing with many of the visits, visitors, events and community links we have established over previous years. Writing Ambassadors and Global Citizens will have a prominent and influential role in Team Leadership, as well as being role models for pupils across the school, and demonstrating a firm understanding of their rights as children. In Team Leadership, we strive to be the best that we can be, accept each other for who we are, and essentially and integral to everything, we have fun!